Here are some questions that seem to come up regularly from our members. If you don't see yours, contact your zone representative or email info <at> Questions are organized into those that are

Zone Related

What TCA zone do I live in?
You can look up your street location on the web site's zone map.
Who is my zone representative?
Once you know what zone your house is in, use the web site's zone representative information.
Who else volunteers for Tanglewood Community Association?
Other regular volunteer positions include the Architectural Control Committee, Newsletter, Park Maintenance, Picnic, Neighborhood Watch, Welcome Coordinator, and Web Master. The current volunteers for these positions and contact information are listed in the Other Board Members area.
How can I help TCA?
This is, unfortunately, a RAQ - Rarely Asked Question. Contact any of the board members. Your help would be much appreciated.
Who are my government representatives and how do I contact them?
Look in the County, State, and Federal areas of the representatives page.

Common Complaints

Who do I contact about street conditions, e.g., snow removal and potholes?
Information about how to contact VDOT can be found in the 'Other' area of the Community links page.
Vehicles are speeding through the neighborhood. Can we get a stop sign?
It has been tried. There isn't enough traffic and Tanglewood's streets are not through streets. Just ask your neighbors (or tell their parents) to please slow down and respect that residents and their children would think more kindly of them if they wouldn't speed. Or wave at them in a friendly way and maybe they will get the message. If you can't bring yourself to talk to your neighbor then contact your zone representative.
Why must I keep my dog on a leash at ALL TIMES when off my property?
For the safety of your neighbors, their children; to protect others' pets and property; and lastly because it is the law in Fairfax County! (County code section 41-2-4 to be precise.) here PDF icon are some excerpts.
Why don't snow plows keep our streets cleaner?
One reason is that the smaller plows that do the side streets have trouble manuevering around cars parked on the streets. People who live in snowier regions know that if you pull your cars into your driveways, the streets get cleaned better.
Why should I clear the snow off my sidewalk right after a snowstorm?
If you don't do it right away the snow invariably turns to ice in a day or so and lingers for a long time. This makes it dangerous for children walking to the bus and your neighbors (who are getting older you know) trying to walk through the community. Cleaning your sidewalk is the neighborly thing to do.
Why should I keep my front yard looking neat and trim?
Because it is the right thing to do and keeps home values up. Please keep shrubs and trees trimmed so that sidewalks are clear and there is at least seven foot height clearance.
Why am I required to operate a yard light in my front yard that remains on from dusk to dawn?
Without any overhead street lights in our neighborhood the yard lights illuminate the sidewalks for those that walk at night and provide security within the neighborhood. It is also required in the TCA By-Laws under Schedule A, Item 11 which each Homeowner agreed to when they signed the documents purchasing their homes within the TCA community. Please keep them lit, it really does help. You might be surprised at how many neighbors walk at night.
Why can't my front porch light substitute as a front yard light?
Most homes are set back from the street / sidewalk so far that the front porch lights do not illuminate the sidewalk properly.

Homeowner responsibilities

Why do I have to pay my Homeowners' dues annually?
You agreed to when you signed the deed for your home - that is a part of all of our deeds. We all pay dues. You must pay the dues to satisfy your escrow when you sell your home. If you don't pay on time you'll be paying interest on what you owe and the association will attach a lien on your property.
What are my Homeowner dues used for?
The money from homeowner dues is used to maintain the community park lands (which increases all our property values), for the annual community picnic, and to buy insurance, pay community taxes, and other fees. The annual budget has the details.
I understand I need some kind of Tanglewood legal information packet to provide to buyers at settlement. Where do I get that?
Contact information can be found in the legal information area of the web site.
What do I need to do if I want to install a new or replacement building, garage, barn, shed, fence or other structure?
As stated in the TCA By-Laws, the ones you agreed to when you bought your home, you need to consult with the Architectural Control Committee. Please complete the Homeowners Architectural Approval Form
What should I do to get my trash and recycling picked up?
Nothing. TCA arranged that we would have our trash and recycling picked up by Fairfax County. This eliminates many different trash companies coming through the neighborhood on different days. For bulky items, special pick ups, and electronics recycling see the links in the Other Resources section.
What about leaf removal in the autumn? Can TCA arrange that the county pick up leaves?
The homeowners looked into this several times. A majority did not see paying the county for leaf removal to be cost effective.
Can I dump leaves that I have raked in my yard into the park?
Please do not; the park is not your dumping ground. Your neighbors who live adjacent to the park do not want your leaves blowing into their yard. The best approach is simply to use a mulching lawn mower and leave the leaves on your lawn to return nutrients to the soil. If you must, bag them for trash removal.

Web Site Related

I'm not getting any email from TCA, why not?
Please complete the information update form or send a note with your current email address to the webmaster. Including your zone number or street address will help with the update process.

Note that some Internet Service Providers routinely reject mail that comes from the TCA website because they believe it might be spam and/or hold it for 5 days before rejecting it. (I'm looking at you AOL.) The webmaster has tried to get TCA's website "white listed" with these providers, not always successfully.

Where can I find a directory of TCA members?
A directory of members can be found in the restricted access members area.
My directory information is wrong, how do I fix that?
Please complete the information update form or send a note with your current information to the webmaster.
Why is there a restricted access part of the web site?
Web search engines, spammers, and other not so nice characters have access to the open parts of the TCA web site. Information useful to residents but containing details that are a bit more personal are maintained in the restricted access area.
How do I access the restricted access members' area if I've forgotten the password?
Contact the TCA password.
Can I include something in the TCA newletter?
Newsletter contributions are welcomed. You can email your newsletter contribution to the newsletter contribution. For information about advertisements in the newletter see the advertising guidelines in the miscellany section of the web site's documents area.
Can I send an email announcement to the membership? How about just my fellow zone members?
The email lists on the site are restricted so that only board members can send email to the entire membership. Each zone representative and the executive board can send email to individual zones. This is intended to limit the chance that our email lists become the target for spammers or a computer virus. As it is the mailing lists get a lot of spam that only the webmaster sees.
What happens if I "reply to all" a message that I received from a TCA mailing list?
Depending on how the original message was addressed your reply will probably go back to the sender only. Messages sent to one of the mailing lists by unauthorized senders get bounced to the webmaster as undeliverable. Legitimate messages will be forwarded to the appropriate zone representative and/or the board.
Is there a listing of contractors that residents have used and would recommend?
There used to be but it was not maintained and got out of date. For ratings, recommendations, and subscriber comments on local services you might try the Washington DC Area version of Consumers' Checkbook.
The web site doesn't look right in my browser, tablet, phone - how come?
The webmaster tries to test the web site for accessibility with various browsers/devices. Let him know what doesn't look the way you expect and he'll try harder.
My TCA related question wasn't answered or I can't find it on the web site, now what?
Contact .