Interested in Advertising in the Newsletter?

The TCA board came up with the following advertising guidelines.

Three basic categories of ads are available, including:

1)  Residents, advertising a free item or a non-profit event (like a
birthday).  No charge.  Up to 25 words.

2)  Residents, advertising a professional service or item for sale. 

20 cents a word.  Up to 50 words.

3)  Non-residents, advertising a business.  $1.00 per word, 50 word limit.

Graphics:  minimum fee $5.00, at the discretion of the newsletter
editors.  Editors may resize graphic to fit newsletter format.

Phone numbers and web site addresses are each considered one word.

All advertising information, both text and images, are to be digitally

TCA reserves the right to refuse advertising deemed unsuitable for a
neighborhood newsletter.  TCA provides advertising as a service to its
homeowners but does not endorse any businesses listed herein.

Any income above $100.00 a year is taxable.  Advertising money
will go into TCA's general fund and will be used for park maintenance and other approved community projects.

To submit an advertisement to the newsletter, email your information to the TCA President at; payment should be sent to TCA, c/o Treasurer, P.O. Box 1942, Vienna, VA 22183. Payment must be received prior to the ad being run. Notification of submission deadlines will be emailed prior to the next publication of the newsletter.