The Tanglewood subdivision is located in Fairfax County Virginia, just outside the Town of Vienna. TCA comprises neighborhoods adjacent to Tanglewood Park on Abbotsford Drive, Bruton Place, Carmichael Drive, Corsica Street, Madrigal Way, Minuet Court, Rhapsody Drive, Riviera Drive, and Tanglevale Street.

Contact Information


To contact the members of the board or individual zone representatives see the email addresses listed on the Representatives page.


Please address Community Association business to:

Tanglewood Community Association, Inc.
PO Box 1942
Vienna, VA 22183-1942

Or you may email to

For a TCA Directory or other information e-mail: info <at>


If you will be leaving the community a legal information packet, required at settlement and obtained by the seller, is available by contacting:

Nolan & Mroz
2301 Gallows Rd.
Suite 200
Dunn Loring, VA 22027
703-281-2600, ext. 119.

 Tanglewood Community Association History

Original Survey Plats

Thanks to former resident Allen Jensen, below are PDF versions of the original survey plats of the Tanglewood subdivision from Fairfax County Site Records, including easements and rights of way.

  • Section 1 PDF icon - Tanglevale Drive (west), Minuet Court, Madrigal Way
  • Section 2 PDF icon - Tanglevale Drive (central), Riviera Drive (north)
  • Section 3 PDF icon - Riviera Drive (west,east), Corsica Street
  • Section 4 PDF icon - Bruton Place
  • Section 5 PDF icon - Corsica Stree (cul de sac) and areas adjacent to Laurel Ridge and Carmichael Drive
  • Section 6 PDF icon - Abbotsford Drive, Rhapsody Drive, Concert Court
  • Section 7 PDF icon - Corsica Street
  • Section 8 PDF icon - Carmichael Drive

Other Tanglewood Facts

Tanglewood Community Association facts include the following (Do you know more? Please contribute what you know to this history.)

  • Tanglewood Community Association was formed in 1976.
  • Early historical notes provided by former resident Earl Smith:
    • The builder was Woodlawn Enterprises, with the principal owner/developer Clyde Anderson, and with financial backing from Milton Petersen. The field superintendent was Bob Batal (who later established his own enterprise, Batal Builders). Mr. Anderson’s daughter lived in one of the models, although I do not know when she purchased it. She sold it in 2010.
    • The houses were built in order of the zones. So the west side of the creek (zones 1, 2, and 3) were built first and then zones 4 and 5 on the east side. The model homes were the three houses on the left side of the entrance on Tanglevale from Vale. The models were ready for showing in or around 1968. The models consisted of two five bedroom colonial models and one split level design. In 1970 the builder introduced a four bedroom colonial, the market was very slow at the time. Rose and I bought the first four bedroom in February 1970. The builder was planning on using that house as a show model. We allowed them to show it while we were occupying it. (We got a lot of goodies and benefits.)
    • The models were listed for sale at $43,500 for the split, $44,500 for the four bedroom colonial and $45,500-46,500 for the five bedroom models. There was also a premium charged for any lot that backed up to the park. (I think $1,500.) There were extra charges for garage over carport and double garage as well as double carport.
    • Woodlawn Enterprises controlled the HOA until all the houses were sold. The dues were $10 a year.
    • On June 1, 1976 with the completion of the project, Woodlawn turned over the HOA to the homeowners. They gave the Association a starter check of $265. Tom Walsh became the first president of TCA. (His wife Margo still lives at 2331 Riviera.) The dues remained at $10 per annum.
    • In 1985 the dues were increased to a whopping $15.
    • In 1990 the dues were increased to $20.
    • In 1994 the dues were increased to $24.
    • In 1995 the dues were increased to $40, where they remained until 2002 when they were doubled to $80 per year.
    • Margaret Brough of 2300 Tanglevale is the current longest continuing member, she bought in Dec. 1970.