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    Andy Royse, Project Manager, P.E. has provided the following information update:

    Difficult Run Force Main - Resident Notification Letter for work in TCA area off Rhapsody Drive

    Fritz, Bob, and Paul:

    We have completed the lining and testing of the force main off Rhapsody Drive between the three lining pits (staging areas) shown on attached sheet C8 on the Tanglewood Community Association (TCA) property. If that was the extent of the work, we would be out of the TCA property in April as planned (see attached notification letter). Unfortunately, there is now some unexpected additional work on the force main just to the north and south of the TCA area which needs to be addressed.

    The work to the south of the TCA is ongoing and is expected to finish in May. This additional work arose from concerns with lining through a 45-degree bend in the force main on the property immediately to the south of the TCA property. To address these concerns we have had to excavate the bend before lining the existing pipe from the Jerry Lane/Carey Lane interersection to the TCA property. This portion of pipe will be lined in the next few weeks, then the liner will be tested. Demobilization of the wetland matting and restoration of the southern side of the TCA property will follow.

    Regarding the additional work to the north of the TCA property, last week I received a Technical Memorandum (TM) from our engineer, Hazen and Sawyer (H&S), who had been reviewing video of the inside of the pipe. The video showed concerns with the portion of pipe from the TCA property to Lawyers Road. H&S included a map in the TM to explain their findings, which I have marked in blue to summarize their recommendations (see attached Summary of Work Map PDF icon. H&S researched several options to rehabilitate the approximately 1,200 feet of the pipe from the northernmost excavation pit on TCA property (between approximate stations 257+00 and 269+00 on the map). Two weeks ago when H&S first told me additional work would likely be needed, they were hopeful that an interior sprayed-on lining solution would be able to address the problems, which would have been fast and cheap, and would have allowed us to complete all our work on the TCA property in May. Unfortunately, H&S could not recommend this approach as case studies show this is not yet a reliable rehabilitation lining technology. So, H&S recommended replacing this portion of the force main with new (ductile iron) pipe. This week County staff had several meetings with H&S to discuss this further. We have concluded that removing and replacing this portion of pipe with new pipe is the best approach. This additional work is expected to take approximately 6 weeks from the time it is starts. We are expediting delivery of the pipe so it arrives May 18, so we are looking at the end of June before being able to demobilize from the Rhapsody access.

    In addition, the Technical Memorandum states that there may be additional work which comes out of a re-inspection of the force main between Lawyers Road and the creek crossing which separates the Lawyers North and Glencannon HOA's (at approximate station 256+00 on the map). The initial video was unclear in places, so we are currently re-videoing this area, and will have more clarity in the next few weeks on the additional work required there. This additional work would be within our existing easements and could be done concurrent with the pipe replacement work by either: 1) accessing our easement from Lawyers Road, or, if necessary (i.e. if the scope involves performing work close to the creek (~station 256+00)), 2) by crossing the creek within our easement to the Glencannon property. Again, we expect to know the scope of this additional work in the next few weeks and I will provide you an update.

    So, in summary, our office would like to move forward with the pipe replacement work from the TCA property (~station 269+00) to near the creek (~ station 257+00), and requests permission from the TCA to continue using the Rhapsody access point until the end of June. If this is agreeable to you, I will have the Letter of Permission (attached) updated to extend our use of the Rhapsody access point to June 30, 2017. I would then send out notification letters to the residents in the surrounding neighborhoods. I realize this is an inconvenience to the TCA and the residents it represents, and appreciate your patience, understanding, and support of this project.

    Andy Royse, Project Manager, P.E.
    Wastewater Design and Construction Branch
    Utilities Design and Construction Division

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